External Experts

From time to time we seek advice from other experts. Experts who assist us with our project work include:

Robin Ormerod (Strategic Advisor)

Robin has been an air quality and atmospheric science consultant for over 30 years, with extensive experience in odour assessment including many legal cases as an expert witness. He has served as the Chair of the CASANZ Odour Special Interest Group and was also previously the Chair of the Modelling Special Interest Group. He has published internationally on odour and air quality and has many years of training and teaching experience.

Now retired, Robin was previously Chief Scientist of Envirosuite, where he previously led the company's scientific activities, including Research & Development, coordinating with product development, implementation, marketing and sales teams. 

Until his recent retirement, he was the only Certified Consulting Meteorologist in the environmental field in Australia to be certified by the American Meteorological Society. 

Robin while happily retired, assists us from time to time with strategic project advice as well as assisting in data analysis. 

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Dr Peter D'Abreton - Envirosuite

Dr Peter D’Abreton is Envirosuite's Principal Research Scientist and is a qualified meteorologist who holds a PhD in Atmospheric Science and Meteorology.  

He originally joined Pacific Air & Environment (Later Pacific Environment) in April 2001, after five years as a senior air quality and meteorology consultant and researcher with CSIR-Environmentek in South Africa.  He has published in core international scientific journals and maintains a position in the forefront of air quality modelling efforts within the international community.  

Peter is a recognised meteorological and dispersion modeller and also recognised expert meteorologist. He has developed guidance on dispersion modelling for the Australian alumina industry and the pork industry and lectures on modelling for the Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand.

Peter has completed air quality and meteorological modelling and assessment for many projects throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region, including major freeway and tunnel projects, industrial facilities (e.g., alumina refineries, aluminium smelters, power stations, oil refineries, oil shale plant, coal mines, base metal mines, cement plants, nickel refinery, ethanol refinery, brickworks, fertiliser works, etc.) and intensive livestock operations (piggeries, poultry farms).

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Michael McGinley PE - St Croix Sensory

Mike is widely regarded as an odour analysis and assessment expert and is the Laboratory Director of St. Croix Sensory. He has a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota and a Masters degree in Environmental Health Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health.

Mike is a member of several industry organizations including AWMA, WEF, and ASTM. Mike’s work at St. Croix Sensory involves overseeing daily laboratory operations including environmental air and product odor evaluations, laboratory QA/QC, and manufacturing of odor testing products. 

St. Croix Sensory is an industry-leading sensory evaluation laboratory located in the St. Croix River Valley of Minnesota.  Since 1980, St. Croix Sensory’s laboratory has specialized in sensory testing of environmental samples, commercial products and materials.

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Dr John Leeder - Leeder Analytical 

Dr Leeder is a Consulting Chemist with over twenty years experience. He has a unique mix of technical and business skills, worked in a range of countries around the world. Dr Leeder holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemistry , a MBA and a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. He is an authorised analyst under several State and Federal Acts is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and is an Technical assessor for NATA. 

He has expert skills in chemical analysis and speciation (including odorous compounds). Dr Leeder has provided expert witness services  in the areas of chemical contamination, chemical degradation, chemical analysis and data review. In addition to this he has extensive experience in air quality monitoring methods.

He is currently providing technical solutions for chemistry related issues to a diverse range of industries including food, pharma, life sciences, energy (CSG, oil & gas), environmental and education. 

His company, Leeder Analytical, provides specialist testing and expert advice in a wide range of areas including environmental forensics, food and beverage testing, auditor support, identification of unknown chemical compounds, chemical residues and impurities. 

To find out more about Leeder Analytical, click here, and to see Dr Leeder's LinkedIn profile click here