Our Team

Geordie Galvin - Principal Environmental Engineer F.AirQual


Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental Engineering)

Master of Engineering (Environmental)

Accredited Air Quality Professional (Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand) Number 11 (A.AirQual)

Fellow (Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand)

Member, Institute of Engineers Australia (MIEAust)

Member Engineer, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)


Geordie splits his time between Toowoomba and our Carole Park office. He has over 20 years’ experience in air quality assessment and is experienced in each aspect of the air quality assessment process from monitoring through to dispersion modelling and interpretation of the data. He has completed numerous projects involving abattoirs, landfills, refineries (oil and alumina), ethanol plants, boat repair and manufacturing operations, rendering plants, chicken farms, piggeries, cattle feedlots and wastewater treatment plants. During his career Geordie has used many meteorological and dispersion models including TAPM, CALMET, AUSPLUME, GRAL, Windtrax and CALPUFF.

He has consulted to local government and state government agencies throughout Australia and to universities in the United States including the University of Nebraska and West Texas A & M. Geordie has also given numerous invited workshop presentations in Australian and overseas on air quality sampling, analysis and assessment. Geordie has provided training via the odour assessment and management course at IWES for a number of years (IWES is a short court training provider owned by the The University of Queensland).

In addition to consulting work, Geordie has provided expert witness services in over 60 legal matters in Australia and New Zealand. Not surprisingly, the focus of Astute Environmental Consulting is to perform consulting work that withstands the rigours of expert review and the court process if required.

From June 2010 to November 2014 Geordie was the chair of the odour special interest group (OSIG) within the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ) and from November 2014 to March 2021 Geordie held the role of chair until stepping down in early 2021. Geordie currently sits on the OSIG committee, which provides assistance to the current OSIG chairs.

To see some of his publications, click here.

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Warrick Shillito - Senior Air Quality Specialist CAQP


Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Science)

Certified Air Quality Professional (CAQP)


Based in our Carole Park office on the boundary of Ipswich and Brisbane, Warrick is an air quality specialist with over 10 years’ experience in air quality measurement and air quality assessments. He has prepared numerous odour and air quality assessments for wastewater treatment plants, heavy industry, mining, transport, and the construction industry. Warrick is trained and experienced in the use of meteorological and air dispersion modelling programs including WRF, CALMET, TAPM and CALPUFF and has prepared a number of air quality and odour impact assessments for baseline conditions and conducted sensitivity analysis on odour control upgrades.

Warrick has extensive experience in the sampling and chemical analysis of odour from waste water treatment plants, landfills and biofilters, high moisture sources using prediluton and the liquid odour method. His project management experience includes developing, reviewing and managing odour monitoring programs for alumina refineries, treatment plants and landfills. In addition Warrick has project managed the emissions monitoring program for the commissioning and combustion tuning of large open and combined cycle gas turbines.

Warrick has a particular interest in the sensitivity of meteorological and dispersion models to common regulatory settings and recently has assessed multiple scenarios to test the local and regional effect of these settings in WRF, CALMET and CALPUFF.

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Louise Galvin - Casual


Currently Studying Bachelors of Economics/Laws (honours) at the University of Queensland (expected completion 2025).


Louise recently graduated (2020) as Proxime Acessit from The Glennie School and has moved to Brisbane to study and in her spare time helps out with administration tasks, data entry, field work and reviewing proposals and reports. Louise previously worked for the Super Retail Group for three years and has completed work experience in the Planning & Environment Court and at a well known engineering firm. Louise is looking forward to completing her studies.